Review of Trad Violet Contact Lenses

Trad Violet Contact Lenses at ohmylens.com

Power: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 38%
Using Cycle Period: 1 year
Approved by KFDA, CE

Review of Trad Violet Contact Lenses at ohmylens.com

She won a contest and got some free lenses, Trad Violet Contact Lenses.
Below is her review!

the first thing i wanna say is that the shipping was very fast! i chose the cheapest/ slowest shipping and it still came in a little less than 2 weeks. i also love the communication! they are so sweet and accommodating.

COLOR: 8/10 
these are really good for a natural look! the color is pretty subtle but still bright enough that you can tell i'm wearing lenses. there's a fade toward the center for your pupil that helps with making it more natural. i think they could be more pigmented but then they wouldn't be as natural.

these are 14.0mm so they really don't have much enlargement at all, which is what i was looking for. however the limbal ring really helps in making your eyes look a little bigger. these would be good for beginners because of the size.

COMFORT: 10/10 
these are probably one of the comfiest pairs of circle lenses i own!! there was no discomfort when i put them in at first, and i wore them for 2 hours with no problem (but as with all circle lenses you should always use eye-drops after a few hours of wear!!). when i took one lens out to take the comparison photo, i honestly couldn't tell the difference between which eye had the lens and which eye didn't.

OVERALL: 9.5/10 
these lenses are very comfortable and noticeable enough for a natural look! i really like the small size and even though i think they could be more pigmented i really like the color and how they look. 

Trad Violet Contact Lenses at ohmylens.com

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All contact lenses which ohmylens.com distribute are authorized by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration), however, all products must be used and treated properly, or otherwise may cause damage to your eyes. In order to use color contact lenses safely and comfortably, please receive an optical check up at your ophthalmologist before use, and follow all given instructions.


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