Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

Fall is coming soon in Korea.
Because I feel some cold in the morning and evening more and more. ;)

For this Fall, 
what do I wear nail polish? 

Chrysanthemum nails?

Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

Adding tips for Fall Fashion 2015,
Jean will be back, I heard. 


It looks so Fall! 

Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

It is great on my mother!
She loves beige! 

Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

This nail polish is perfect for me!! Yai! 
So pretty!!! 

Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015


Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

Red dot shirts and pink frame sunglasses! 



Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

Black and gold nail polish!! 

Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015

Umm it's on the middle of Bad or Good!

Best Nail Polish Shades: Nail Polish Fall 2015


What Accessories do you wear for this fall?

Here is Accessories trend for this fall by Vogue! ;) 
Why don't we have a look together? 

Love the model and girly/innocent makeup! 


Someday I will give it a try with hair accessories like her. 


Twisted Pearl Necklaces! 
Hum.. I don't know what it looks like..
Look kinda weird or not? 


Lace-up shoes! 
Like the design and all details!
Oh, color as well!! 

I saw this shoes on my mom's shoes closet! 


Oh! My style! 
But it cold when wearing in fall in Korea. 


Mini bag is keeping going?


Wha! It's too big to carry! lol


Just wish me long and thin legs like the model.. 
It's not for me sadly. 



Looks not bad but
these are not for me! 



May be I am not into fashion?
Most of accessories are not my type! lol


[Makeup] Recommendation of Cosmetic Products

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes
Beige Eyeshadow

Eye makeup with Lunasol Skin Modeling Beige Eye shadow 
will make your skin look most beautiful~! 

Lunasol_Skin_Modeling_Eyes at http://blog.naver.com/hedgehog306/220055892975

Lucent Color Pigments that radiate color 
when exposed to light make it possible for every skin type to look beautiful.

Lunasol_Skin_Modeling_Eyes at http://cafe.naver.com/cosmebox/9465

Lunasol_Skin_Modeling_Eyes at http://cafe.naver.com/cosmebox/9465

Yves Saint Laurent: Kiss and Blush Duo
Highlight lips and cheeks with ultra-blendable color and an edgy baby doll attitude. 
Yves Saint Laurent’s whipped mousse highlights lips and cheeks 
with a sensual, soft matte finish.




Jill Stuart Mix Blusher: Fresh Apricot 06  
Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact N allows four different hues and qualities to be freely mixed together. Provides an innocent complexion of health with a soft and foggy finish. 

JillStuart_Mix_Blusher at http://blog.naver.com/minaduki/40197811871

JillStuart_Mix_Blusher at http://blog.naver.com/minaduki/40197811871

JillStuart_Mix_Blusher at http://blog.naver.com/a_shizuru/50069383975

Hope this posting would be helpful for someone ;) 


Pastel Hair Dye: What's your choice? ;)

I am thinking about dying my hair lately. 
Because I got some coupon for it. hehe 
I don't know what is the best! 
Please help me!! 

1) Unicorn Hair

Pastel Hair Dye_ Unicorn Hair

2) Purple

Pastel Hair Dye_ Purple Hair

3) Purple and hot pink

Pastel Hair Dye_ Purple and Hot Pink Hair

4)Purple and orange pink

Pastel Hair Dye_ Purple and Orange Pink Hair

5) Dark Brown and white/Blond

Pastel Hair Dye_ Dark Brown and White / Blond Hair

6) Brown and Blush Green 

Pastel Hair Dye_Brown and Blush Green


[Fashion] Overalls

What is "Overalls"?

A garment consisting of trousers with a front flap over the chest held up by straps over the shoulders, made of sturdy material and worn especially as casual or working clothes.

Overalls is one of my favorite items! 
Especially I love overall jeans / denim overalls the most!!

Let's take a loot at my selection of overall jeans together! ;) 

Overall look of Kate Bosworth
Her style is always the best to my mind! 
She shows that the simplest is the best! 

Kate Bosworth's Overalls look

Overalls go well with feminine tops! 

Overall in Street Fashion

Which one is the best to your mind? 
To me?  Sarah Jessica Parker won!! hehe

Overalls look with fedora hat and jacket? 
Not bad!

Aviator sunglasses is the best friend with denim overalls. 

You want to try wide leg overalls? ;) 

For upcoming fall,
why don't you wear like her? 

White shirts and overalls make this pic look more comfortable and peaceful!  

Great pic and style! 

hahah Looking at her smile, I am smiling like her! haha 
White feminine blouse made her look more beautiful!

Yes, it's impossible to forget Stripe T-shirts for overalls~!

I will give it a try later! 

Just I like it!


Flower print shirts with overalls! 

It's my overalls look for this fall. ahaha 

Other denim looks!! 

denim skirt look


I love her!! 

The Best Denim Look


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