Do you need inspirations for girly look or makeup?

When I need some inspiration for girly look,
I usually look up taeyeon, tiffany and sohee
They are the most popular stars who affect teen's fashion and look the most. 

Her first solo album will be released very soon!
I can wait!! 


She is the one who is great in girly pastel hair♡  


She is losing weight more and more,
which make her look more adorable, dolly! 


Wow! She looks innocent and girly,
while creating sexy mood thanks to gray eyes. 


I love this kind of girly style with lace-embellished dress. 
But she looks so sexy though. haha 


Sohee, she has has lovely baby face♡ 
Have a look at her pink cheek! 
So cute@@ 


Before too old, I will try girly look! lol 


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